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by Cameron Alcorn August 25, 2014   Freebies

Looking for a clean and elegant photo for the hero area on your webpage? Or perhaps you just need a generic, technology-oriented stock photo for that blog post? Well, I’ve gathered 50 of the best iPhone and Mac stock photos I could find. Best part is that all of them are royalty-free – that’s right.

All photos are courtesy of picjumbo and unsplash. I highly recommend you check out what else they have to offer, if you haven’t already. However, for your convenience, I’ve collected the best technology focused photos from their archives.

The Downloads

There are 2 options. One download contains the full-resolution images, while the other contains optimized versions. The optimized versions are about 90% smaller, without a terribly noticeable drop in quality (30MB total vs. 250MB total):

If you’ll be incorporating these images onto a webpage, I recommend downloading the optimized images. Not sure? Just download both.

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