Code Snippets & Resources

Things I’ve found useful.

Simple Off-Canvas Menu

The off-canvas menu is a fantastic way to conserve screen real estate on mobile devices. I’ve put together what is, by far, one of the lightest and simplest versions.

10 Useful CSS Generators, So You Don’t Have To Remember (As Much) Syntax

We all get lazy sometimes. Make sure to have these CSS generators handy for when laziness strikes.

Maintain Element Aspect Ratio Using CSS Only

Aspect ratio doesn’t seem like a problem, until you try to make a web page responsive. If you’ve ever pulled your hair out trying to get an element or image to maintain its aspect ratio, give your scalp a break.

50 Hi-Res Mac & iPhone Stock Photos

I’ve gathered 50 of the best iPhone and Mac stock photos I could find. Best part is that all of them are royalty-free – that’s right.